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For Axia Investments, excellence isn’t just a motto, it’s the essence of everything we do.

Vision & Mission

Axia Investments has one very simple vision – to provide the ultimate trading experience. This means safety, a superior educational framework, robust tech, outstanding support and a remarkable experience overall for traders around the world.
We are aware of what it takes to provide this experience, and how many factors go into creating it. Therefore, we meticulously pay attention to each and every element, to create a remarkable environment for traders to thrive. Our mission is to be a solid bridge between traders and the most liquid markets in the world.
This can only be done using top technology, sophisticated trading tools and truly helpful support.
More than anything else, this mission can only be achieved by providing traders with true education and profound knowledge. Our rich, innovative and comprehensive academy and tools give traders a solid foundation which will help them grow and achieve their trading goals.
Being client-centric, we cater for the dynamic needs of traders – always delivering what they need, when they need it. Whether this means solid education, cutting-edge technology or truly helpful support.


Axia Investments is regulated by the FSA, Seychelles, number SD034. Seychelles is an up-and-coming leading financial center which strikes an excellent balance between high levels of trader protection and flexibility. Our traders are able to enjoy top safety alongside endless trading possibilities.
Regulated by the FSA, license number: SD034

Security of Funds

Security of funds is of paramount importance. In financial services, this goes without saying. Our dedication to client protection is evident in everything we say and do; clients’ funds are protected by regulatory bodies and segregated, and top technological and digital measures are applied to ensure utmost safety of data at all times.

Our Values

Fierce Professionalism
We believe that the devil is in the details. Paying attention to each and every aspect of trading has enabled us to create a top-level trading arena for clients around the world.
Trust & Reliability
Trust is the foundation upon which everything else is built. Regulation, security of funds, segregation of funds and more, all create a solid and trustworthy trading environment.
Accuracy in Offerings
We provide traders with what they really need, when they need it. Whether it’s our academy, fast execution or superb support – we are here to understand what our clients need, and deliver without fail.


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